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We take pride in sharing the ALOHA secrets of this beautiful island! We live upcountry in Maui and know every nook and cranny (and every hidden waterfall, lava tube and pocket beach!) If you are the adventurous type, we will visit spots for exhilarating cliff jumping into the base of the pool. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, we will hike to hidden swimming holes and look up at the beautiful falls. Sipping champagne while we leisurely walk amongst bamboo forests, the most beautiful flowers in the world and listen to the birds sing works for us too! Finding all these hidden treasures can involve some complicated driving. Taking that stress off of your hands will allow you to focus on the beautiful scenery and listen to us as we describe our surroundings.

We love our kikei (children) and can plan our tour with them in mind. Having us do the driving and route finding will allow you to have the time to pay attention to them and enjoy your vacation time. ​


Aloha new friends! Our legends tell us that the demigod Maui created our beautiful islands by raising them from the sea. He then lassoed the sun to bring it closer to his people. Of course he put the most energy and love into this, his home island. Come join our Ohana and visit the most beautiful island of them all. Come with us and together we will see the parts of this paradise that most visitors don’t ever get to appreciate.

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